Live A Lifestyle Of Continuous Wealth, Health and Happiness

Wealth can be defined in so many ways. The definition of wealth is ‘an abundance of valuable possessions’. Wealth is not based on greed. Almost always I find wealthy people are often more sharing and giving including employment, donations, gifts and meals.  

While most associate this word with money, I personally believe that definition of wealth is much bigger than that. For me it boils down to three things:  

• Financial freedom • Good health • Contentment

Sustainable Wealth eBook Kel Davis Ken Baldwin
Kel Davis

About the Authors

Kel Davis and Ken Baldwin are respected wealth and health masters. They do not only teach but they live a lifestyle that authentically reflects the lessons they share to others. 

Together, Kel and Ken provide you with the inputs you need to sustain your wealth and health. With a combined experience of 60 years in their respective fields of expertise, you can be sure to pick up easy-to-apply pointers in living a rich, long and contented life.

Ken Baldwin